'What can we ask of painting today? That it has something of itself, of its own traditions, that it isn't superficial but goes deep, that it offers structure, delight, unity, a play of forms, life, feeling, humanity, immediacy, and a take on reality that isn't kitsch and doesn't ironically celebrate despair and the triumph of money.'

Matthew Collings, from the essay 'Open' on Robert Motherwell.

Sol-Space showcases work that is dedicated to a deep and personal exploration into the painting process, the language of abstraction, and the search for meaning. The artist's search for integrity, and the connection between inner perceptions and outer forms, which are of both individual and universal significance, lies at the heart of the gallery's ethos, and as such, overt commercial, political, social or stylistic influences, are as far as possible avoided. Work is promoted through the virtual space of the web-site and through periodic group and one person shows in a variety of physical spaces. The site also provides a forum for the discussion of ideas central to its concerns.